Formula affect poultry feed pellet making machine work quality

The granulation characteristics of feed raw materials have a certain influence on the quality of poultry feed pellet making machine. At the same time, the material composition and ratio have a great influence on the function of the equipment, accounting for 40%.

Therefore, in the design of feed formula, not only the material ratio should be determined according to the experience of the craftsmen, but also the synergistic effect between various materials should be considered.

For example, fresh material is prone to elastic deformation during the process, while equipment expands after being compressed out of the poultry feed pellet making machine die, causing equipment to crack. Therefore, in the formula design of feed equipment, the ratio of feed materials and its impact on the quality of poultry pellet making machine should be comprehensively considered.

(1) Protein content. Protein is one of the important factors determining the quality of poultry feed making machine. Protein is viscous and uses high-protein grains and animal by-products as feed pelleting functions. In addition, different animal species and growth stages require different protein content of the feed.

(2) The increase of grain and oil can reduce the natural consolidation between feed equipment. As grains and oils in the feed increase, the quality of poultry feed pellet making machine also tends to decrease. Therefore, the addition of oil should be minimized while meeting the animal’s needs.

(3) Starch content. Starch is simply gelatinized under high temperature and high water conditions, and plays a natural adhesion role in the granulation process of poultry feed pellet making machine.

However, under the condition of low temperature and low water, starch not only cannot gelatinize, but also produces brittle equipment, which affects the quality of poultry pellet machine. In the general granulation process, the starch gelatinization degree can only reach about 20%.

If you want to further gelatinize, you should increase the temperature and steam pressure. The feed added with molasses and urea should be controlled at 80°C; too much moisture will reduce the absorption of steam by the starch feed and cannot reach the temperature required for gelatinization.

Starch gelatinization can improve the quality and digestibility of poultry feed pellet making machine. Therefore, in the feed granulation process, the starch gelatinization temperature should be controlled.

(4) The finer the particle size of the material, the larger the surface area, the faster the steam absorption, the more conducive to moisture regulation and improve the output and quality of the poultry feed pellet making machine. (Related case: feed mill plant in Uzbekistan)

The effect of material destruction function on device function accounts for 20%. The larger the particle size of the material, the worse the granulation effect, the higher the wear and energy consumption of the die and the pressing roller, and the lower the output.

Therefore, the ideal particle size distribution of the material is that the material above 3.35mm accounts for 1%; the material above 3.35~2.00mm accounts for 5%; the material above 1.00~2.00mm accounts for 20%; the material above 0.50mm accounts for 30% 0.25~1.00 The material above mm accounts for 24%; the material below 0.25mm accounts for 20%.

In addition, different varieties of poultry feed pellet making machine require different particle sizes. For example, the destruction particle size of cattle feed is about 3.0mm, and the destruction of piglets, chicks and aquafeed requires a 1.0mm screen.

2.How to choose the complete set of poultry feed pellet machine correctly?

Nowadays, many people have to shop around when buying feed machinery. Of course, price is definitely an essential factor for many customers. The price of the second poultry feed making machine is determined by the quality and service of the feed machinery itself.

In other words , The price of poultry feed machinery reflects the quality and quality of the poultry feed pellet making machine itself. In order to meet the needs of more customers, RICHI Feed Machinery Co., Ltd. produces better products at the same price, and the company has professional after-sales service. The team provides you with the best after-sales service.

For poultry feed pellet making machine, its own quality and service affect its price, so when purchasing poultry pellet feed machinery considering the price factor, we must also consider the two factors of quality and service, RICHI Pellet Feed Machinery sincerely hopes that every customer can buy satisfactory poultry feed pellet making machine, and we have been working hard for this. (For more: RICHI pellet machine)


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