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How To Look After Fish Fry?

1. Reasonable Stocking Of Fry

Breeding large-sized fry in autumn is a bottom line of exactly how to enhance survival rate of fry over wintertime. According to the problems of water surface area, water level and various other problems, stocking sensibly according to the real scenario to promote the development of fry. In a fish pond with a water deepness of 1.5 meters, 4,000 to 6,000 fish fry with a size of 7 to 8 centimeters are equipped, and also the body length can get to 13 to 17 cm by the end of the year, which is of wonderful value for enhancing the breeding return.

2. Splitting up Administration

The fry needs to be fairly split according to the various specifications, so that the fry in the return pond have the same specifications, Due to the fact that the bigger dimension fry have a strong capacity to get hold of food and also a large quantity of food, if they are equipped with tiny dimension fry with each other, it will create the small fish to not get sufficient bait and create a decline in their physique.

The fry over 5cm must be grown in the adult pond, and the small fry demand to be grown in an unique pond, so as not to create the fry of different dimensions to contend for food, the strong ones are more powerful as well as the weak are weak.

3. Prevention Disease

After the fry go to the fish pond, it is required to stop parasites as well as the appearance of bubble illness. illness defense is the crucial essential on just how to care for fish fry, These are two scenarios that are very easy to come across after getting in the fish pond. Bloodsuckers include Trichocarpus, Ringworm, etc. This can be treated with the matching medication. Typically, the possibility of correct disinfection will be a lot smaller sized.

There are lots of variables that trigger bubble illness. As an example, if there is even more dissolved oxygen in the water, fish fry will certainly increase the occurrence of bubble condition. If the aspects such as ammonia nitrogen are high, the position of the tail might likewise trigger bubble illness. Medications such as acetaminophen have a particular preventive result on this.

4. Cleaning Fish Ponds In Time

In ponds where fry are cultivated for a couple of months, the water quality typically starts to wear away, the all-natural lure is deteriorated, and also some damaging virus as well as gases such as hydrogen sulfide increase.

In fall, the fry must be transferred to ponds that have actually been cleaned up and also disinfected for farming. Transfer all the fry out of the pond for short-lived farming, and after that disinfect the original fish pond with 75-100 kg/mu of quicklime, and make use of traditional approaches to plump the water top quality. After the impact of the medication vanishes, moving the fry back to the initial fish pond to make certain the purification of the reproducing pond.


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